Question: Can A Dropper Crack JEE Without Coaching?

How many hours should a dropper study for JEE?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

Most experts recommend that students study for at least six hours a day or 42 hours a week or so (excluding the time they spend on coaching classes) to prepare adequately for the JEE..

Is Dropping a year a good option?

Dropping a year or two to get admission in good college is not at all a good idea. … If the candidate is able to get good ranks and admission in good colleges, it is well and good, otherwise, he/she will be able to save one year.

Can Einstein crack IIT?

JEE/CAT is subjected to time but RESEARCH is not. Einstein can solve all question in JEE/CAT if he is not in the boundness of time. If he goes to a coaching center , definitely he can crack these exams(but he won’t- he is not interested in these kind of systems. )

How do JEE toppers study?

For being a JEE topper, you need to complete the syllabus well before time. Most of the toppers complete their syllabus by the end of Class 11th and then use Class 12th to revise the syllabus. You can do multiple rounds of revision of your syllabus by the end of December of Class 12th.

How many hours do JEE toppers sleep?

The brain also needs proper rest in the form of sleep and students should get an ample amount of sleep to study productively. It’s important to be healthy as well. Hence, 6-7 hours of sleep is a must.

What is the success rate of droppers in IIT JEE?

50%By IIT Repeaters / Droppers is meant those students who have given the JEE before but have not secured a good enough rank or those who have passed Std. XII and wish to appear for JEE. The SURECRACK Program has produced a success rate of over 50% in IIT each year since 2002.

Can I crack IIT in 2 months?

IIT JEE seems like a tough exam, but in reality, it is not as hard as everyone says it is. The only challenge that many students face is that they have to simultaneously prepare for CBSE class 12 Board exams along with IIT JEE.

Can a dropper crack JEE?

Yes a partial dropper can crack jee.

Can I crack JEE Main without coaching?

There is no definite answer to this for the approach varies from student to student. While some candidates believe that taking refuge in coaching institutes will guarantee cent percent success, other believe that with consistent focus and hard-work, JEE Main can be cracked without coaching classes.

How many Iitians are droppers?

Any student can crack IIT paper who is determined and self motivated. You need to work really very hard to crack IIT paper. There is no such fix ratio generally 50%-60% students who crack IIT are droppers. This ratio can vary as well.

Is Ncert maths enough for JEE?

Most of topics in JEE Maths syllabus go beyond the NCERT texts and hence to score good marks, it is much required to do Maths from other reference books. But once in a blue moon, questions do come directly from NCERT in JEE and hence, studying Maths NCERT is a must.

Is taking a drop worth it for JEE?

If you are aiming for JEE Advanced, then drop will be worth, if you feel you can easily crack it. You can analyse this based on your preparations and marks. Another option is to join institutions that accept low score. After Main, there are various other exams for state universities one can go for.