Question: What Is Another Word For Many Times?

What is another word for frequency?

SYNONYMS FOR frequency 1 regularity, repetition, recurrence..

Is fear another word for anxiety?

Frequently Asked Questions About fear Some common synonyms of fear are alarm, dread, fright, panic, terror, and trepidation. While all these words mean “painful agitation in the presence or anticipation of danger,” fear is the most general term and implies anxiety and usually loss of courage.

What do you call a person that does the same thing everyday?

a creature of habit phrase. someone who likes to do the same thing at the same time every day.

What is a word for something that happens often?

In this page you can discover 41 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for often, like: frequently, usually, regularly, oftentimes, constantly, common, big, commonly, continually, frequent and usual.

What can I say instead of again? novo.lately.newly.of late.once again.once more.More items…

What do you call someone who is repetitive?

The repetition of other people’s words or sounds is echolalia. When the toddler you babysit repeats everything you say, over and over again, you can call it “annoying,” or you can call it echolalia.

What is antonym of often?

oftentimes frequently ofttimes oft. Antonyms. rarely infrequently little less seldom.

What does oftentimes mean?

: on many occasions : often The quickness of the hand oftentimes deceives the eye.—

What is opposite word of frequently?

(rarely) Opposite of at frequent intervals. rarely. seldom. barely. infrequently.

What is another word for frequently?

What is another word for frequently?oftenoftentimesrepeatedlycommonlycustomarilyhabituallymuchusuallyalwaysrecurrently236 more rows

What is the opposite of innocent?

Antonyms for innocent blamable, immoral, unvirtuous, corrupt, sinful, bad, knowledgeable, evil, impure, experienced, cunning, stained, guilty.

How do you deal with a repetitive person?

Use respectful empathic listening to acknowledge them, and then calmly repeat your response with steady eye contact. Do this as often as needed until you get your needs met or your needs change.

What does relentlessly mean?

Relentless is a good word for describing something that’s harsh, unforgiving, and persistent, like the hot sun in the desert, or a cold that keeps you in bed for days with a nose like a strawberry. When you’re relentless about something, you mean business.

Whats another word for all the time?

What is another word for all the time?constantlyentire timeregularlyunfailinglyinvariablyevereverlastinglyrepeatedlyunendinglyaye50 more rows

What is more than frequently?

Regular, usual, recurrent. –

What are 2 synonyms for repetition?

Synonyms of repetitionduplication,iteration,redo,reduplication,reiteration,renewal,repeat,replay,More items…

What is a word that means over and over again?

Something that is repetitive involves doing the same thing over and over again.