Question: What Is The Opposite Word Of Provocation?

What’s another word for provocation?

In this page you can discover 39 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for provocation, like: incitement, stimulus, inducement, incentive, insult, irritation, offense, vexation, repression, suppression and prevention..

What is the opposite of quiescent?

quiescent. Antonyms: active, agile, alert, brisk, bustling, busy, diligent, energetic, expeditious, industrious, lively, mobile, nimble, officious, prompt, quick, ready, restless, sprightly, spry, supple, vigorous, wide awake. Synonyms: dull, heavy, idle, inactive, indolent, inert, lazy, quiet, slow, sluggish, stupid.

What is an example of provocation?

A traditional example of provocation that is adequate to reduce a crime from murder to manslaughter is an observation by one spouse of another spouse in the act of adultery. 1 For example, José comes home from work early and catches his wife in bed with his best friend.

What does without provocation mean?

For no apparent reasonWithout cause. For no apparent reason. Pam shrieked in surprise when the cat leapt onto her without provocation. I knew I wasn’t speeding, so as far as I could tell—the officer pulled me over without provocation.

What is another word for extreme?

Some common synonyms of extreme are excessive, exorbitant, extravagant, immoderate, and inordinate.

Can you sue someone for provoking you?

In many jurisdictions, provocation is a defence to assault. In any case, it’s dangerous and dishonest to provoke someone into attacking you just so you can attempt to sue them later. … The thing is, just hitting you wouldn’t amount to much of a lawsuit.

What are synonyms for startled?

In this page you can discover 29 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for startled, like: surprised, alarmed, shocked, frightened, jumped, agitated, astounded, amazed, panicked, jolted and comforted.

What does uttermost mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : outermost. 2 : extreme, utmost.

What is meant by provocation?

1 : the act of provoking : incitement. 2 : something that provokes, arouses, or stimulates.

What is the opposite of startled?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for startled. unimpressed.

How do you write provocation?

If you are interested in writing a provocation that is similar to a past provocation, then cite that post in yours, presenting it in summary, so that you can then amplify with your contribution, or reveal what was overlooked, etc.

How do you respond to provocation?

Learn to respond thoughtfullyDiscover what makes you react and in what situations you lose control. Then you can think rationally and prevent these outbursts.Leave the past in the past. What is done is done. … In this case, controlling our emotions will be key. If we let ourselves go, it’s easy to lose control.

What does exceedingly mean?

: to an extreme degree : extremely.

What is the meaning of startled?

: to move or jump suddenly (as in surprise or alarm) the baby startles easily. transitive verb. : to frighten or surprise suddenly and usually not seriously. startle.

What is the opposite of extraordinary?

extraordinary. Antonyms: wonted, common, usual, ordinary, frequent, unremarkable, unimportant. Synonyms: unwonted, uncommon, peculiar, unusual, unprecedented, wonderful, marvelous, prodigious, monstrous, remarkable, strange, preposterous.

What is the law of provocation?

“Provocation is some act, or series of acts done (now includes words)… which would cause in any reasonable person and actually causes in the accused, a sudden and temporary loss of self-control, rendering the accused so subject to passion as to make him or her for the moment not master of his or her mind.”

Is provocation against the law?

In the United States, provocation is rarely accepted as a complete defense, but state courts have ruled that it is still a mitigating factor in matters of assault and/or battery where the sentence can be reduced or the crime lowered to a lesser charge.

What is the normal word of filthy?

Some common synonyms of filthy are dirty, foul, nasty, and squalid.