Question: Which Documents Are Public Documents?

How do you prove public documents?

Public documents are proved by the following methods.

The are proved by obtaining certified copy as provided in section 76 and this is regarded as original.

In the case of Rammapa vs.

Bajjappa (AIR 1963 SC the court held that a certified copy of public document can be received in evidence and without proof..

Is fir a public document?

“FIR is a public document, however, to obtain a copy of FIR from the police is not an easy task for the general public.

What is a public document?

Public Document means informational matter produced for public distribution or access re- gardless of format, medium, source or copyright, originating in or produced with the imprint of, by the authority of or at the total or partial expense of any state agency.

Can a private document be converted to a public documents?

The notarization of a document carries considerable legal effect. Notarization of a private document converts such document into a public one, and renders it admissible in court without further proof of its authenticity.

How do you prove a document in court?

A document is said to be proved if following three criteria are satisfied: (a) firstly, the execution of a document, i.e., the handwriting or signature on the document,if any, is proved. (genuineness of a document) (b) secondly, contents of a document, and (c) thirdly, truthfulness of the contents of a document.

Is post mortem report a public document?

postmortem report or an injury report is not substantive evidence. It has to be proved by the maker of it. It cannot, therefore, be termed as a public document as envisaged under S.

Which are public documents?

Section 74 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 states that the following documents are considered public documents: Documents forming the acts or records of the acts: Of sovereign authority. Of official bodies and tribunals. … The public record kept in any State of Private document.

What are public documents Evidence Act?

According to Section 74 of the Evidence Act, public documents are the documents forming the acts or records of the acts of the sovereign authority, official bodies and tribunals, and of public offices, legislative, judicial and executive of any part of India or of the commonwealth, or of a foreign country.

Is PAN card a public document?

Permanent account number (PAN) card (income tax) Driving license in India issued by the states. Ration card issued by the Government of India. … Service Identity Card issued by State/Central Government, Public Sector Undertakings, local bodies or public Limited Companies.

What are the type of documents?

Common Types of DocumentsEmails.Business Letters.Business Reports.Transactional Documents.Financial Reports and Documents.

What are the public documents of a company?

Which are the public documents of a company that I can get online through the MCA website?Certificates (Eg. … Change in Directors.Incorporation Documents.Charge Documents.Annual Returns and Balance Sheet eForms.LLP Forms (Conversion of company to LLP)Other eForm Documents.Other Attachments.

Can FIR be filed without evidence?

Non-cognizable Offence A non-cognizable offence is an offence in which a police officer has no authority to arrest without warrant. The police cannot investigate such an offence without the court’s permission. The police may not investigate a complaint even if you file a FIR, when: … if the police do not give it to you.

What are primary and secondary evidence?

Primary Evidence Secondary Evidence. 1) Primary Evidence is original document which is presented to the court for its inspection. Secondary Evidence is the document which is not original document but those documents which are mentioned in Section.