Quick Answer: How Much Money Can You Make A Month With Vipkid?

How do I get the most money from Vipkid?

3 Steps to Increase Your VIPKID PayOpen More Slots.

No, this isn’t some sarcastic way to earn more money (though you will by teaching more, of course.) …

Get a Regular Schedule Going.

Start to cut back your lessons.

Fill in Spaces with 24-Hour Bookings..

How many hours can you get with Vipkid?

You have to open a minimum of 7.5 hours a week during peak times. But you could work 13 hours a day if you want.

Is working for Vipkid worth it?

You can teach while your child is sleeping and not have to pay for childcare. Just make sure there’s someone who can tend to your kid if they wake up since you won’t be able to leave in the middle of class. If you’re one of the many people stuck at home right now and in need of work, VIPKID is definitely worth it.

Do you have to wear orange for VIPKid?

Orange T-shirt is not a requirement. However, we would like to suggest a professional dressing will help you have a better interview even teaching experience. … Absolutely, wear an orange shirt! It shows your enthusiasm for getting hired and your knowledge of the company!

What percentage of applicants get Vipkid?

only 10 percentIf you qualify move ahead, you’ll be asked to sign your initial contract, provide additional documentation, and then pass a background check. The application is quite rigorous; VIPKIDS accepts only 10 percent of its applicants, a sign that they constantly look for the most talented candidates.

How much can you realistically make with Vipkid?

You can make up to $22 per hour with VIPKID, but how much money you earn will depend on several factors. Let’s start by breaking down the payment model: Your base rate will vary, depending on your experience and your first interview. It will be between $7- $9 USD per 25-minute class.

How much can you make a month with Vipkid?

With an average of $14-22 per hour, VIPKid teachers can make between $2,240-$3,520 per month if they average 40 hours per week working from home (not including possible bonuses).

What should I wear to my Vipkid interview?

Wear an orange shirt so you’re on brand with their colors and uniform. Before your mock class, watch videos on YouTube and know how you’re going to introduce every slide. Definitely look at the slides before your mock course. Prepare them, have props ready, and work on your presentation.

Can I use a Chromebook for Vipkid?

You cannot teach VIPKid classes with a Chromebook. The VIPKid Teach App is not supported with this device.

Is magic ears better than Vipkid?

The main difference between VIPKID and Magic Ears is the class size. … For teachers with a lot of skill and experience, Magic Ears’ pay rate can be as much as $4 more per hour than VIPKID – if they offer you the top end of the pay range. See the comparison table of Magic Ears and VIPKID in the DaDa vs VIPKID article.

How often do you get paid with Vipkid?

VIPKid pays between $7-9 per 25-minute class plus $2 per class if you hit a minimum of 45 classes each month and are on time to all of them. Most teachers say it equates to roughly $20 an hour if you do two, 25-minute classes per hour. VIPKid pays once or twice a month, for the time period prior, via direct deposit.

Does Vipkid take taxes?

Does VIPKID Withhold Taxes? VIPKID is not responsible for withholding taxes from teachers. It is our job to put money aside from each paycheck in order to pay taxes on time.

Is Vipkid a safe company?

VIPKID offers online work based in another country and many people wonder if it is a scam. The answer: No, it isn’t. VIPKID is a well-established company, employing over 60,000 teachers as contractors. They pay their teachers the correct amount, on time, and I’ve never heard of a scam from VIPKID teachers.

Is Vipkid a pyramid scheme?

Unlike actual pyramid schemes, VIPKID pays their current teachers for mentoring and walking the new teachers through the daunting hiring process; if you’re about to go through the application process, you’ll realize why it’s important to have someone there to help you.

Does Vipkid give you lesson plans?

VIPKID students range in age from 3-15 years old and have varying levels of English comprehension. Lesson plans and slides are provided for teachers and we teach exclusively on the VIPKID interactive platform.