Quick Answer: Is ASOS Good Quality?

Is ASOS a Chinese company?

ASOS plc (/ˈeɪsɒs/ AY-soss) is a British online fashion and cosmetic retailer.

The website sells over 850 brands as well as its own range of clothing and accessories, and ships to all 196 countries from fulfilment centres in the UK, US and Europe.


Why is ASOS so successful?

One factor in Asos’ success is that they have tailored everything they do to a specific demographic. There are no inconsistencies, no ‘general’ content. Niching down has allowed Asos to create content and adverts that engage their market, turning Asos into a fashion authority for young people.

What does ASOS stand for?

So, for those of you in the back who weren’t listening, ASOS stands for As Seen On Screen. ASOS.com. That’s because when ASOS first launched in 2000, it was a celebrity-linked clothing website.

What country does ASOS ship from?

Orders are shipped from the UK so it can take up to 4 business days for Australia Post to receive the parcel and for the tracking updates to begin.

Is ASOS good to buy from?

The jeans and maternity wear get great marks for good quality, but ASOS suits are consistently mentioned as low quality in multiple online reviews. As an additional benefit for younger online shoppers, the company also offers a 10 percent student discount on its clothing.

What are the best brands on ASOS?

8 Cult Brands You Didn’t Know Were On ASOS& Other Stories. Why we love it: A high street favourite, & Other Stories landing on ASOS is a game changer for significantly reduced delivery costs and times. … BA&SH. … Faithfull The Brand. … For Love & Lemons. … Free People. … Sister Jane. … Stevie May. … Zulu & Zephyr.

Why is ASOS bad?

Overall Rating. ASOS is rated ‘Not Good Enough’ overall. Some progress has been made by implementing measures to reduce carbon emissions; banning fur, and offering a more conscious collection. However, much more can still be done.

How do you pronounce ASOS?

Well, now we can finally settle the debate once and for all. According to Marie Claire , the ASOS website clears everything up, saying: “’So you know us and love us as ASOS. “But people often ask where our name comes from (usually straight after they ask us how to pronounce it – it’s ACE-OSS, by the way).

Why don t ASOS have reviews?

Twitter as a feedback platform. ASOS doesn’t have a review system in place on their site, nor do they appear to be actively collecting feedback elsewhere. Instead, ASOS adopt a much more modern strategy – they take complaints and feedback on Twitter.

Are ASOS design shoes good?

Shoes from ASOS are ahead of their time in terms of style, and they definitely don’t look like budget shoes. So if you’re willing to forgo the durability issue, they do make a pretty good footwear choice. … The ASOS Princess Jewelled High Heel looks like a high end fashion heel from an expensive designer brand.

Is ASOS cheap quality?

It depends what brand you buy. Asos offers it’s own “Asos” brand line of products, which from my experience are very good quality. They also offer items from very high quality European brands. However, some of their products are from cheaper (in quality and price) brands that you should look out for.

Is ASOS a bad company?

ASOS made considerable improvements in its supply chains from 2011 to 2017. In 2011 it received Ethical Consumer’s worst rating for its supply chain management, and in 2017 it moved up to a best rating. … In 2018 ASOS also published a full list of its suppliers after a call for more transparency in the fashion industry.

Is ASOS ethical 2020?

ASOS is becoming an ethical clothing brand in 2020: improved ethical standards. … Now seen as a top tier ethical fashion brand by the Ethical Consumer, ASOS seems determined to challenge those less conscious to focus on issues such as living wages and working conditions throughout supply chains.

Is ASOS going bust?

UK’s Retail Madness: Asos Faces Bankruptcy as It Plunges 40% – Who’s Next? Amazon dominates and together with Brexit plan causes the bankruptcy of the retailers in the UK. However, this time it affected an online retailer – Asos. Read the details on Nexter.org.