Quick Answer: What Skills Do You Need For HVAC?

What do HVAC technicians need to know?

The technicians must know how to properly connect the units to fuel and water supply lines, as well as connect them to air ducts and other systems.

They also need to know how to install electric wiring and test that wiring once it is installed..

What type of preparation is required for the HVAC field?

There are various career routes for those working in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry, each with different education and certification requirements. Many HVAC engineers obtain a bachelor’s or master’s degree, while going into installation may only require completing a certificate.

How can I be a good HVAC technician?

These 8 Things Make A Great HVAC TechnicianThey’re knowledgeable. … They’re familiar with equipment testing. … The expert pays attention to detail. … They have strong communication skills. … The technician has great time management skills. … The technician is aware of safety standards. … They’re willing to work under (most) natural conditions.More items…•

Does HVAC involve math?

HVAC technicians need math to calculate the correct load requirements to ensure equipment properly heats or cools. But in addition to the classes you will take, you should also develop these qualities and skills: Customer service – You’ll often work in customers’ homes or business offices.

Is HVAC hard to learn?

Using current diagnostic technology, correct tools, and modern shop equipment, you learn what today’s HVAC technicians are doing, not how it was “in the old days.” You can learn more in a few months of four-day-a-week courses than you could in several years of riding along in an HVAC service truck.

How do you describe HVAC on a resume?

On the HVAC and refrigeration resume sample, the applicant discusses important abilities, including knowledge of refrigeration systems, good problem-solving, and analytical thinking. You may also want to include time management, troubleshooting, and mechanics in your skills section.

How much do HVAC apprentices get paid?

The pay for HVAC apprentices varies across the United States. The starting salary for an HVAC apprentice can be anywhere from $0 to $10 an hour for beginners. In other areas of the nation, the HVAC apprentice earns approximately $18 per hour. Some apprentices are paid higher wages as they gain years of experience.

What skills do you need to be a HVAC technician?

Technical SkillsInstallation and troubleshooting skills for heating and cooling systems.Finding and fixing the source of a problem.Finding or altering replacement parts.Installing individual parts (pumps, pipes, fans, etc.)Using power tools safely.Maintaining air and water treatments in HVAC systems.More items…•

What do HVAC employers look for?

There are specific skills that employers expect all of their HVAC technicians to have. They must be able to: Read blueprints and follow design specifications for installing an HVAC system, in both new and existing buildings. Properly connect the HVAC systems to supply lines and install the necessary electrical wiring.

What can I expect from HVAC training?

HVAC training teaches you how to install and troubleshoot commercial and residential HVAC systems. Students typically also receive instruction in proper refrigerant handling to help prepare them for EPA Section 608 Technician Certification.

How long does HVAC training take?

Students considering a career as an HVAC technician have a few different training options to consider: trade school, community college or an apprenticeship. The time frame for completing an HVAC training program can range from six months to five years, depending on which option you choose.

Is a career in HVAC worth it?

The short answer is, yes and yes. But there’s a lot more to it than that. Data shows that graduates of HVAC trade school programs generally earn more and have better career prospects. … Some will insist you’ve got to have a two-year HVAC degree under your belt to get anywhere in the business.