What Part Of Speech Is Enforce?

Is unenforceability a word?


The quality of not being enforceable..

What does severability clause mean?

What Is Severability? … A severability clause in a contract states that its terms are independent of one another so that the rest of the contract will remain in force should a court declare one or more of its provisions void or unenforceable.

What’s the opposite of ignore?

Antonyms: notice, cognize, note, cognise, mark, know. Synonyms: miss, omit, brush aside, overlook, disregard, leave out, cut, discount, overleap, dismiss, drop, push aside, brush off, neglect, fail, snub, pretermit.

Is enforce a verb or noun?

transitive verb. 1 : to give force to : strengthen. 2 : to urge with energy enforce arguments. 3 : constrain, compel enforce obedience.

What is the noun of enforce?

enforcement. The act of enforcing; compulsion. A giving force to; a putting in execution. That which enforces, constraints, gives force, authority, or effect to; constraint; force applied.

What part of speech is ignored?

ignorepart of speech:verbinflections:ignores, ignoring, ignoreddefinition:to refuse to recognize or notice. She ignored me at the dance. synonyms: neglect antonyms: recognize, watch similar words: avoidrelated words:boycott, excuse, missWord CombinationsSubscriber feature About this feature1 more row

Is enforce an adjective?

ENFORCED (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What does inforce mean?

in forceIf laws, rules, or systems are in force, they exist and are being used: … New regulations limiting fishing on this river are now in force.

How do you spell enforced?

verb (used with object), en·forced, en·forc·ing. to put or keep in force; compel obedience to: to enforce a rule; Traffic laws will be strictly enforced.

What is the difference between enforce and inforce?

In force (pronounced “in [pause] forss”) is an idiom. It can mean literally a very large group. Enforce (pronounced “en-forss”) is a verb. It means to execute actions needed to uphold rules and laws.

What is an example of an unenforceable contract?

Contracts that include terms opposing state or federal law are automatically unenforceable. For example, if an employer forces an employee to sign a contract that prevents him or her from taking sick leave, it would be considered unenforceable.

What’s the word when someone ignores you?

Ignorer is the noun form for a person who ignores.

What type of word is ignored?

Some common synonyms of ignore are disregard, forget, neglect, overlook, and slight. While all these words mean “to pass over without giving due attention,” ignore implies a failure to regard something obvious.

How do you use the word enforce in a sentence?

All attempts to enforce the British commercial regulations were ineffectual. According to law military service is obligatory, but the government has been unable to enforce it. The treasury was empty, the Boers refused to pay their taxes, and there was no power to enforce them.

What is the adjective of enforce?

adjective. /ɪnˈfɔːst/ /ɪnˈfɔːrst/ ​that somebody is forced to do or experience without being able to control it.

How do you enforce something?

1to make sure that people obey a particular law or rule enforce something It’s the job of the police to enforce the law. The legislation will be difficult to enforce. … enforce something (on somebody) to make something happen or force someone to do something You can’t enforce cooperation between the players.

What’s another word for enforce?

SYNONYMS FOR enforce 1 administer, impose, execute, apply.

What does void mean?

Definition of void (Entry 2 of 3) 1a : opening, gap. b : empty space : emptiness, vacuum. 2 : the quality or state of being without something : lack, absence. 3 : a feeling of want or hollowness.